Kaj Hattenhauer, Senior Partner & Solution Architect

Kaj Hattenhauer is senior partner in AchieveGlobal Nordic and has more than 20 years experience in guiding people and organisations to greater results.

His engagement in understanding the research behind different skill models continuously broadens his business knowledge in management and sales. Kaj is appreciated for the high involvement in his customer’s business issues and is engaged with local as well as international companies and corporations. Since 1988 he is one of four owners of AchieveGlobal Nordic. As a consultant he is often engaged on executive level. Some recent projects are:

  • Helped a worldwide pharmaceutical company establish and roll out leadership standards in the Nordic countries.

  • Created a Business School for a major bank in Sweden. Delivered with proven result.

  • Helped a pharmaceutical company establish a Nordic sales organisation involving executives and front line in four countries.

  • Helped a worldwide industrial company establish service awareness in the Nordic countries. Workshops with people from top executives to service engineers.

  • Helped a major Swedish bank deal with business challenges based on changed regulations. The result was increased profit and customer satisfaction.

Kaj is talented in finding the real needs and creates solutions that make customers go from strategy to results. He is always engaged in the individual customer and is always focused on the results to the customer.

Kaj puts his long experience into practice, especially in Management and Sales Training. During his 20 years as consultant he has created and delivered training and coaching for some leading companies in Sweden. These organisations appreciate his work in Management training, mapping the sales process, sales effectiveness and Key Account Management.

Kaj Hattenhauer works with Top Executives, Senior Managers, Team Managers as well as field line employees. His business and training experience gives him respect and credit.

The focus on results Kaj has, combined with his structured way to communicate creates an environment where learning can take place. Kaj is always focused on linking theories to real situations. This makes it easier for participants to change behaviour and organisations to realise results from the invested training.

For more information please call Kaj: +46 8 440 90 34 or kaj (@) achieveglobal.se